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A few yeas ago there was a Newcastle wide fundraiser for a little girl called Mollyjane. I knew of her through my brothers work friend Sarah. She is Mollyjanes Aunt.  I had heard her story, and was heartbroken for her parents, Jess and Daniel. Through Sarah, I contacted Jess and offered to take some family photos as my donation to their family. A few weeks later, we met, and had a glorious day at the beach for a family session… STORIES BOARD

That was 3 years ago, since then MJ has been in and out of hospital, both for regular visits, and emergencies. She has fought a hard fight, and is now, at four years old, the WORLDS oldest living sufferer of CACT. CACT is an extremely rare inborn error of metabolism that prevents the breaking down of fats and proteins consequently this builds up as ammonia and sends them into heart, renal and organ failure.

We recently did another shoot, and let me tell you, this girl is amazing! To look at her you would think she was just like every little 4 year old girl, including the tantrums, and sassiness. But underneath she is extremely fragile, and things could change at any moment.

Jess and Daniel do an amazing job not only looking after Mollyjane, but also raising thousands of dollars for MJ’s Metabolic Team, who travel all over the world talking and teaching about CACT. If you’d like to help, there is an account set up in Mollyjanes name to help raise funds.

Mollyjane Boyson

BSB: 112879    ACC: 410 585 734


Here is our latest session….



These guys really are amazing, and have made the best life possible for Mollyjane. If you are interested in reading MJ’s Full story, there is a copy on her Every Day Hero page, in an effort to help out, if you wish to donate funds, please do so directly to this account

Mollyjane Boyson

BSB: 112879    ACC: 410 585 734


Jess and Daniel, you are amazing, selfless, and truly inspiring, and its a pleasure to be able to capture your beautiful girl, and the love for life that she has xx

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dani - What a beautiful little girl…such amazing photo’s Sally, this family must love them!

Alison - Beautiful photos , very precious memories – Dolly is an amazing little lassie who has touched the hearts of many.

Bec - What a little sweetie! Beautiful memories for them Sally.
All the best for this family. I can only imagine their struggles.

Janet Palmer - What a sweet little girl! So happy, wishing her and her amazing parents all the best x

Leanne Stamatellos - So precious to have these memories together x

Kim Selby - What a beautiful little girl she has blossomed into. Truly beautiful memories. xx

Peta - These are so precious Sally. What a beautiful little girl.

Pam Bradford - What a gorgeous girl and how fantastic they have these gorgeous images capturing her at such a beautiful age.

Philly - Absolutely stunning session!

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