Having worked in Special Education for the past 11 years, and being a Foster Mum to a child with Autism myself, I understand the potential difficulty in wondering if a professional photo shoot is right for you , and your family. It can be hard to explain to a photographer that your child may not look at the camera, may not smile, or may become overwhelmed. It can be hard explaining all of the little details that make your child unique. I understand of all this, and I want to make this experience as calm and relaxed as possible, for all involved. I also realise that  your child may or may not make take longer to photograph than another child, and do not charge by the hour, I set no time limits. Im patient, I never rush. I will be led by you and your child.

I am a natural light Photographer, so do not use a flash, which can be a discomfort for some children with sensitivities. I am also happy to come to you. Lets choose somewhere that makes your child feel safe, happy, and comfortable.  I love nothing more than capturing a child doing exactly what it is that makes them who they are, so no cheesy poses, just natural expressions. If this sounds like something that would fit your family, and you would like more information please feel free to contact me on 0413 289 059

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